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Presenting Final Cut Pro 2

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Power PC G4 Processor Increased performance
Final Cut Pro 2 harnesses the phenomenal processing power of the PowerPC G4, delivering 30% more performance than before on a Power Mac G4 — and a 70% performance boost on a dual-processor Power Mac G4.* This high-octane combination of Velocity Engine acceleration, multi-processor-support, and real-time-ready software gives you everything you need to edit digital video at the professional level. You can take that performance with you when you load Final Cut Pro 2 on your PowerBook G4.

Power Mac G4 Digital delivery on DVD
If you’re thinking of distribution on DVD, may we suggest adding Apple’s DVD Studio Pro to your arsenal? It’s the perfect way to create Hollywood-class interactive DVDs.

Now run your Final Cut Pro 2 and DVD Studio Pro on the 733MHz SuperDrive-equipped Power Mac G4, and you’ve got an unmatched, all-digital post-production suite and delivery system for less than $5500 (US).

Audio Meter Enhanced UI
The dozens of user interface and workflow enhancements include 24fps editing support, Cutting Station mode for streamlined editing and EDL creation, a scrolling text generator, bars and tone that don’t need rendering, and audio-level meters.

Factor in the advantages of three-point editing, JKL keyboard-control shortcuts, drag-and-drop functionality, and a boatload of other new features and enhancements, and you’ve got what you need to push your creative capabilities to new levels.

Turnkey editing power
Why pay more to rent an editing system when you can own a digital video powerhouse outright? With advanced real-time effects capabilities, new digital media management tools, support for all professional video formats, scores of other feature enhancements — plus a suite of animation, graphics, audio and compression software applications — Final Cut Pro 2 gives you outstanding price/performance value.
Real-time editing Take advantage of Final Cut Pro’s underlying architecture with a RT PCI card, and you’ll get instant feedback on wipes, dissolves and 2-D motion graphic effects. Unlike other systems where real-time effects are hardwired and restrictively defined (so that you’re essentially working within a creative straitjacket), Final Cut Pro gives you the freedom to experiment with different combinations of effects and transitions.
Media Management Final Cut Pro 2 also gives you exceptional media management features with precise controls, multiple bins and folders for storing clips and effects, plus support for multi-item sorts, sifts and Boolean searching.

Unleash your imagination
Use the compositing tools to combine layer upon layer of video, audio, text, and graphics to create stunning sequences — control this with seamless integration in the motion tab, all without leaving the Final Cut Pro environment.

In addition to 75 built-in filters and effects, you have access to a whole library of digital wizardry: Support for Adobe After Effects plug-ins puts hundreds of the most popular visual effects right within your reach. You can also use the built-in special effects, or use FXBuilder to roll your own.

* Results based on tests using a Power Mac G4 with Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 and QuickTime 4.1.2 versus a Power Mac G4 with Final Cut Pro 2 and QuickTime 5.

Prepare your projects for Internet streaming
Final Cut Pro comes with Cleaner 5 EZ, the latest version of the widely respected compression tool. Cleaner 5 EZ and Peak DV CDs Want to run a video clip by a client or colleague who’s hundreds of miles away? Now you can. With simple templates that let you convert your digital assets to the most popular formats, Cleaner 5 EZ makes it a no-brainer to repurpose your work for broadcast via the Internet.

Audio power to boot
Edit your audio using Peak DV from BIAS, and throw in some VST audio plug-ins while you’re at it. Top-notch editing and processing capabilities, support for 8 and 16-bit files and sample rates of up to 48KHz, plus QuickTime movie support, batch file processing and built-in DSP processing all combine to bring impressive audio editing capabilities to your desktop. Or laptop.

Tapes True format scalability
Final Cut Pro 2 works with all popular video formats, so you can use DV material captured with the built-in FireWire port on your Power Mac G4, or use a video capture card for professional formats and connections. You can use Final Cut Pro with digital video captured on a miniDV camera, or with footage from three-quarter-inch tape, Beta SP, Digi-Beta or HDTV. Final Cut Pro is compatible with your favorite QuickTime-based applications, including the most popular painting, 3D and compositing programs.

Final Cut Pro’s OMF (for open media framework) audio export capabilities mean that you can use the best audio mixing tools and talents in the business.