Randomize, Inc.
R.R. #2,
Tottenham, ON
L0G 1W0

Order Line: 1-888-726-3664
Support Line: 905-939-8371


Company Philosophy

Randomize believes strongly in delivering a high level of customer support and service. In order to do this we have ensured that we understand how the core products we sell, operate, and effect the work-flow in the production environment and have a working familiarly with most other products in this field.

As a company, we use many of the same products we sell in our in-house productions.

Our History

Randomize has been in business since 1995 servicing the computer and digital video needs of customers all over North America. Starting with the Amiga line of computers, we saw the power and flexiblity that computer based video and multimedia brought to ourselves and our customers. Randomize continues to support it's Amiga customers thought service and parts sales. In the past few years, we have been very impressed with Apple's vision of computer based multimedia and we are excited to see the new technolgies that Apple brings us.

Randomize's history with DVD goes back to september 1999 when we started carrying Astarte's line of DVD authoring products includig DVDirector. Apple purchased Astarte in May 2000 and has since re-released and improved upon DVDirector as Apple's DVD Studio Pro. For many companies, DVD production and DVD Studio Pro is a new concept and product. For us, DVD Studio Pro has a long history with a proven track record of value, stability and productivity. Randomize brings to DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, the Apple product line and the related thrid party products real understandig and producion experience using these products. allow us to support our customers through our experience.

Through it's history, Randomize also has experience with hardware and software distrubition, trade show hosting and promotional products marketing giving us a diverse experience and and skill set all coming together to serve our customers better.

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